What To Eat With Mashed Potatoes – 9 Best Side Dishes

One of the most popular comfort foods in the world is mashed potatoes. They are a flexible side dish that goes well with a variety of main courses and side dishes due to their creamy texture and mild flavor.

Brace yourself as we take a look at the many available ideas for what to eat with mashed potatoes, from classic pairings to unique and creative combinations. Whether you’re planning a family dinner or looking for new culinary adventures, this article will provide you with plenty of ideas to elevate your mashed potato experience.

Ideas on What To Eat With Mashed Potatoes

1. Gravy

One of the most traditional and beloved pairings for mashed potatoes is gravy.  it could be rich beef gravy, savory turkey gravy, or vegetarian mushroom gravy, the combination of creamy mashed potatoes and a flavorful sauce is a match made in culinary heaven. The warm, savory gravy seeps into the nooks and crannies of the mashed potatoes, creating a delightful blend of textures and tastes. You couldn’t have dinner better with mashed potatoes and gravy.

2. Roast Chicken

Roast chicken is another classic choice to enjoy with mashed potatoes. The tender, juicy meat of a well-cooked chicken complements the creamy potatoes perfectly. The combination of crispy chicken skin and the smoothness of mashed potatoes creates a delightful contrast in both flavor and texture. Also, roast chicken and mashed potatoes can serve as dinner or breakfast.

3. Meatloaf

Mashed potatoes and meatloaf are a comfort food duo that never goes out of style. The hearty, homey flavors of meatloaf and mashed potatoes create a satisfying meal that brings back memories of family dinners. The meatloaf’s savory and slightly sweet notes pair wonderfully with the creamy potatoes, making this a comforting and nostalgic meal.

To add, a classic meatloaf dinner always goes best with mashed potatoes

4. Vegetables

To add color and nutrition, you can balance the richness of mashed potatoes by serving them with a variety of vegetables. Some nutritious vegetable sides to add include, steamed green beans, roasted carrots, or sautéed spinach are excellent choices. The former are the most common vegetable side dishes for mashed potatoes. Not only do these vegetables add color to your plate, but they also provide essential vitamins and minerals, creating a more balanced and nutritious meal.

5. Grilled Steak

For a more upscale dining experience, pair your mashed potatoes with a perfectly grilled steak. The combination of the creamy potatoes and the flavorful, juicy steak is a gourmet treat that will impress not just you but your guests as well (if you have any over). To add more spice to your dish, you can add a drizzle of garlic butter or a sprinkle of fresh herbs.

6. Fish

Fish with mashed potatoes is a light and fresh alternative. So, if you’re looking for a lighter option, consider serving mashed potatoes with fish. Baked or grilled fish, such as salmon or cod, pairs wonderfully with the creaminess of mashed potatoes. The mild taste of the potatoes complements the delicate flavors of the fish without overpowering them making it a healthy fish dinner idea

7. BBQ Pulled Pork

When you think of a delightful Southern meal, BBQ pulled Pork and mashed potatoes should be your Southern BBQ pairings. For a taste of Southern comfort, serve your mashed potatoes with BBQ pulled pork. The smoky, savory flavors of the pulled pork meld perfectly with the creamy potatoes. Top it off with coleslaw for added crunch and freshness. Without a shred of doubt, I believe you just got yourself your pulled pork dinner ideas.

8. Sausages and Grilled Onions

Sausages and grilled onions are hearty mashed potato pairings. It is a flavorful side dish to enjoy with mashed potatoes. The sausages bring out a burst of savory goodness, while the grilled onions add a sweet and slightly caramelized note. It is not only a satisfying dish to prepare but a comforting dish that’s easy to prepare.

9. Mushroom Stroganoff

If you’re a vegetarian, or simply looking to enjoy a meatless meal, consider pairing your mashed potatoes with mushroom stroganoff. The creamy mushroom sauce is a perfect match for the smoothness of mashed potatoes. It’s a hearty and satisfying dish that’s packed with umami flavor.

Mushroom stroganoff and mashed potatoes are one of a kind. So, as a vegetarian there you have it, your very best mashed potato parings: Mushroom Stroganoff

10. Shepherd’s Pie With Mashed Potatoes as the Star

Shepherd’s pie is a comforting and complete meal where mashed potatoes take center stage. The combination of ground meat (usually lamb or beef) and vegetables, topped with a layer of creamy mashed potatoes, creates a hearty and satisfying dish. It’s a one-dish wonder that’s perfect for family dinners. So, if you have a delicious shepherd’s pie recipe, by all means, go ahead and make a classic comfort food and enjoy your mashed potato casserole

Frequently Asked Questions About What to Eat With Mashed Potatoes

Q: What are the top three potatoes for mashed potatoes?

The top three potatoes for mashed potatoes are Russet, Yukon Gold, and Red potatoes.

Q: What can I eat with potatoes besides gravy?

Aside from the numerous delicious options to pair with mashed potatoes, here are some perfect options to eat with mashed potatoes besides gravy:

1. Sour Cream and Chives: Top your potatoes with sour cream and freshly chopped chives for a tangy and herbaceous twist.

2. Cheese and Bacon: Create loaded mashed potatoes by mixing in grated cheese (such as cheddar) and crispy bacon bits for a savory and indulgent treat.

3. Garlic Butter: Drizzle melted garlic butter over your potatoes to add a rich, aromatic flavor without the need for gravy.

4. Caramelized Onions: Sautéed caramelized onions add sweetness and depth to mashed potatoes, making for a delightful topping.

5. Mushroom Sauce: A creamy mushroom sauce can turn mashed potatoes into an elegant side dish with earthy flavors.

Q: What meat goes well with mashed potatoes?

Mashed potatoes pair wonderfully with a variety of meats. Here are some meat options that go well with mashed potatoes: Roast Chicken, Grilled Steak, Meatloaf, Pulled Pork, and Fish


Mashed potatoes are a versatile side dish that can be paired with a wide range of main courses and side dishes. Whether you prefer classic pairings like gravy or roast chicken or want to explore more unique combinations like mushroom stroganoff or Shepherd’s pie, there’s no shortage of delicious options to enjoy with your mashed potatoes. By choosing the right accompaniments, you can create a meal that suits your taste and occasion.

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