The 11 Ingredients You Need To Prepare Ghanaian ‘Fried Noodles’

Are you a Ghanaian or ever lived in Ghana or perhaps visited Ghana, then you must have tasted some delicious meal. One of which is Fried Noodles. I lived in Ghana for four years and I always somehow found myself standing by the nearest Noodles’ kiosk close to my hostel.

The taste of the noodles alone made me came back for more (chuckles). Aside from the fried noodles I had, there were other local dishes I enjoyed but the noodles stood out for me.

I let my mind wander and began to make research on how best to prepare Ghana Fried Noodles, and guess what? I found it!

So today I will be sharing with you how best to make your fried noodles, the Ghana way (if you know what I mean…winks).


How To Prepare Ghanaian Fried Noodles

To get started, you will need to get all your ingredients available, prepared, and within hand reach. This is because everything takes place quickly on heat so you don’t want to be left hanging.

Ingredients You Will Be Needing

  • Noodles (also known as ‘Indomie’)
  • Cabbage
  • Green pepper
  • Powdered red pepper
  • Corned beef (optional)
  • Sausage
  • Onion
  • Vegetable oil
  • Spring onion
  • Sardine or Titus
  • Eggs

Step 1

  • Wash the cabbage with salted water and set it aside to drain. This should be the first thing you start with because we don’t want our noodles to be soggy as a result of the water from the cabbage. We really don’t need excess water trust me.
  • Dice and chop your vegetables just the way you like them; set them aside.
  • Open the tin of sardine and corned beef. Scoop out the quantity you want in your noodles onto any available bowl and set aside. Usually, a scoop of each protein should do the trick.
  • In a medium-sized bowl, break in your eggs, whisk for a minute or two, and set aside.

Step 2

In this step, we get our noodles cooking.

  • Place a pot on the stove/burner. Pour in a cup of water and allow to come to a boil.
  • Add your noodles and a drop of oil when the water in the pot starts to boil.
  • Cook until the noodle becomes soft (preferably not too soft).
  • Drain the water from the noodles with a strainer and set them aside.

Step 3

Oh yeah…now this is the real deal. So we got all our ingredients clean and ready, let’s do this!

  • Get a wide pan. Usually, I’d say a nonstick pan but…that wouldn’t give you the burnt and smoky flavor that comes with the special Ghanaian fried noodles. Hence, get a pan that is likely to give you what I call a touch of burn.
  • Make sure to reduce your flame to medium heat.
  • Allow your pan to heat for about a minute or two.
  • Add some vegetable oil to your heating pan
  • Add your chopped onion to the frying pan. Fry until translucent.
  • Add your green pepper and allow to fry. Fry for a minute.
  • Add a teaspoon of powdered red pepper. You might want to increase the heat from the burner at this point.
  • Stir briskly
  • Add the spices from the noodles and stir. Remember, you don’t get to stall.
  • Add your beaten egg/s and stir to combine the ingredients. Fry for two minutes
  • Add your proteins, stir and allow to fry for three minutes.
  • Add your cabbage, allow to fry until tender, and then add your sausage.
  • Last but not the least, add your noodles and stir to combine all ingredients

And there you have your undiluted Ghanaian Fried Noodles! Try this recipe and tell us what you think.

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