Wondering Why Infidelity Is Prevalent In Marriages Today? Here Are Some Likely Reasons


In a relationship or marriage, it takes two persons to get things to work. Especially if you fall into the category of people who are against third party Interference.

Relationship or marriage may not be rocket science but it can drain you out when it feels like you’re the only person trying to see things work out.

The role of understanding in a relationship or marriage cannot be undermined. It takes two understanding hearts to make things work. As a lady, you must understand your man, and a man must understand his woman in order to enjoy peace in the relationship or marriage.

However, when two hearts stops to understand each other what do we call that? I leave that to you to figure out.

Many marriage counselors, speakers, writers, and preachers have long over emphasized the importance of communication in a relationship or marriage. It is often said that communication is not yelling but expressing an innate desire, feelings to the other person so they can treat you or a situation better.

As long as marriage exists, the need for effective communication will be present. To communicate about the minutest things. To share your plans and aspirations with your partner. To make them feel loved by expressive communication.

I’ve been a deep thinker right from a young age. I grew up asking myself series of questions as to why men cheat. Overtime, the term ‘Infedilty’ was easily associated with men. Although, in recent times, women seem to have taken the lead.

To make this piece more clearer, i will be dishing out different possible reasons why cheating occurs in marriage. Mind you, we aren’t considering the male gender alone this time but the female gender as well.

What Could Make A Husband/Man Cheat On His Wife/Woman?

Here is a brief description of how it can happen with the male folks, especially because of the way their bodies are wired.


Mrs Tina lives with her husband in Los Angeles, she travels to New York every Mondays morning for work duties and comes back on Fridays to her family. The man gets frustrated, he needs his woman close by. He tries to talk her out of working that far away since there’s a high chance for her to transfer to the office location in Los Angeles.

Due to her tight schedule and work distance from home which now creates some kind of void in their relationship, they seldom share any intimate conversation during the week. Whenever she comes back, they have little or nothing to talk about themselves, so they just end up talking about sports, politics, national security etc. Conversations totally unrelated to growing the family/family bonding.

Somehow, they begin to lose themselves. The man has got a beautiful single female friend who would not hesitate to keep him busy with talks that’d make him laugh his heart out, forgetting that he has a wife. In no time, they begin to catch feelings for each other and there! It happens, they sleep together.

Now he doesn’t want his wife to work it out to Los Angeles because he’s got all the company he wants. She comes back on Friday, wants to get intimate and he’s irritated at her, he wants the other woman who brings him happiness, who makes him laugh so hard and has the time for him.
So he cheats!


What Could Make A Wife/Woman Cheat On Her Husband/Man?

A woman has a man in her life. He’s working on a project. She’s also busy with work. She misses him dearly. She calls him, he’s busy with work. She texts him, he’s busy with work. When they get the time to talk over the phone, the conversation is boring. He fails to compliments her, no good communication, he says no sweet or nice things to her even though she had missed him the whole day. She complains about it, he tells her that she doesn’t understand and that she needs to understand that work is demanding. She tells him how much she understands his busy schedule but she isn’t feeling loved and she wants to feel loved not asking for the whole day. He reiterates how she doesn’t understand. She tells him that she feels lonely but he’s so engross with work. He is so confident that she isn’t going to cheat on him but forgets she’s human and they’re many out there who wouldn’t take long to identify her value.

It doesn’t take long, she begins to find comfort outside work and her man. During lunch hour, she spends her time with an over friendly colleague or on phone with a secret admirer who isn’t afraid to shoot his shot. On a cool breezy evening, she braces up, puts on some light make-up, reminisces about her conversation with the guy who has been showing her love and care of late, puts a call across to him, arrange for them to meet, and in the spirit of friendship, seals that with a kiss. The rest becomes history.

How Can I Balance My Time In My Marriage?

It is true that marriage comes with its own responsibility and all, however, you must learn to strike a balance for things to work between you and your partner to avoid future regrets.

Being faced with a tight schedule or getting caught up with work as working man or woman is very normal. Notwithstanding, your relationship or marriage do not have to suffer because you head a department or you’re the CEO of a company.Here are 5 tips to help you strike a balance in your relationship or marriage:

1. Spontaneous texting: you don’t need to have all the time away from work to do this. Working on a project, stuck in traffic or whatever, pick out your phone and text your partner. Tell them how amazing they are and how you’ve got them on your mind.
2. Calls: A minute or two wouldn’t cost you a thing. Excuse yourself or a take a minute break from that work load and give your partner a call. Let them know you care and are thinking about them.
3. Send funny Emojis: Work pressure can be so overwhelming However, you can bring a smile to your face and that of your partners’ by sending funny Emojis to them via any social media platform of your choice.
4. Romantic GIF: It is very possible to run out of words when you attempt to express your desires to your partner, but with the help of GIFs your partner can easily get the message.
5. A prayer message: Say a word of prayer for your relationship or marriage. Let your partner know how serious you are about your relationship or marriage by sealing your love with a prayer. They’re likely to take you more seriously when they know you pray for the success of your marriage or relationship.

Final Thoughts

All that being said, it is important to note that communication is not about spending the whole day talking with your partner. It is simply making your partner feel loved even in your absence. Most importantly, when together, talk more about yourselves rather than issues that may not help to foster bonding.

Do you know some other possible reasons why infidelity is on the high in marriages today? Kindly share in the box below. Thanks!


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