20+ Unique ‘I Sincerely Forgive You’ Messages For Her


There’s a popular saying that says, ‘To err is human, to forgive is divine.’ Before there’s a need to forgive there must have been an err somewhere. Those who opt for forgiveness rather than holding a grudge are usually considered as, ‘the one with the big heart.’ 

A relationship, marriage or even friendship requires a lot of forgiving and letting go for it to be successful. Hence, to open your heart to forgive can be a herculean task especially when the hurt is coming from a dear one. 

Letting go (of the hurt) might not be entirely easy but, it is worth it as it relieves you of the burden and pain. Studies have shown that the simple act of forgiveness can reduce pain, blood pressure, and lower the risk of heart attack.


Unique I Forgive You Messages For Girlfriend

1. To love is to tolerate. To love is to understand. To love is to forgive…I forgive you, my love.

2. I know we’re both not perfect but that’s not enough reason for you to hurt me the way you did. I still love you, and I forgive you. Love you babe. 

3. Regardless of how angry I feel towards you right now, I just can’t ignore the fact that we share the most transparent, genuine, and beautiful relationship I’ve ever seen or known. I choose to set my hurt aside and cling onto this beautiful thing called love that we share. I forgive you, bunny. 

4. Who chooses to stay after over ten breakups with one girl, me. And guess what? You’re that girl. You break my heart on a regular…now you figure out how to fix it. And for the record, I love and forgive you. 

5. I wonder how we got here. I want us to go back to how lovey dovey we used to be. Let’s start all over, my love. I let go of the hurt and I forgive you, darling.

6. It is with a heavy heart I write this. I am tired of wetting my pillows with tears, I am also tired of holding on to this hurt because however I look at it, I can’t live without you. So here it is, I am ready to forgive you and open my heart to love you again. I forgive you, babe. 

7. Whoever said to love was easy….it truly isn’t. My heart aches and I want it to stop. I forgive you, love. Please make my aching heart stop…

8. I got your apology message, and In response to that, I forgive you. I love you.

9. Staying mad at you is like telling myself that I should take a break from breathing. .I couldn’t be mad at you…So, I forgive you from the depth of my heart. 

10. Who says men don’t hurt? I could give them a punch right now. It feels as though my heart were pierced with a dagger. Please, come and mend this broken heart. And yes, I forgive you (You still got work to do though 😜). 

11. If I stay mad at you I hurt ‘myself’, If I forgive you I displease ‘myself’. Since I’m not dating ‘myself,’ I’d better get rid of ‘self’ and forgive you quickly because ‘we’ is the best option here. So, I forgive you😀

I Sincerely Forgive You Messages For Girlfriend

As you take a bold step to forgive your girlfriend, here are some I Sincerely Forgive You lines for her. 

12. How can I possibly let you go when you mean the whole world to me. You’re not getting off my hook that easily, sugar. So, here I am saying, I forgive you sincerely.

13. A grudge never makes a man great but rather, his ability to forgive, let go, and make room for mistakes. Love is all I feel for you, darling. I sincerely forgive you.

14. I sincerely forgive you and I hold nothing against you. I am yours, now, and always.

15. If it were possible to open my heart so you could see how much damage your lies has done to it, I’m sure you’d be in pain as I am now. But, I prefer to move on and not dwell on my pain. I sincerely forgive you, and hope we can be truthful to each other in the future. I love you.

16. I love you dearly so I won’t hold back. Therefore, I forgive you sincerely. 

17. I truly do love you, and I am sincerely tired of the constant fights and arguments between us. You hurt my feelings during our last argument, please be cautious with your word next time. I forgive you sincerely.

18. I’d like to say that I forgive your sincerely, and choose to put our differences behind me. I love you, babe. 

19. Inside the wardrobe is a red dinner dress. Put it on and meet me at the (name of the restaurant) at 6pm. I forgive you sincerely.

20. It doesn’t matter if you hadn’t apologized or not. I sincerely forgive you. I love you very much.

21. I am glad you realize your mistakes and want to make amends. Because of that, I sincerely forgive you.


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