25 Classic Apology Messages For Him

It is not uncommon to have friction between you and your partner in your relationship or marriage. Once in awhile, you’ll step on his toes but, that you don’t have to kiss your beautiful relationship goodbye just because of a misunderstanding. You can get your man to forgive you again by sending him one of these endearing apology messages.

I Am Sorry  Messages For Him

1. I have never felt so empty in a house full of memories. I truly cannot function without you. So please, forgive me. I love you.

2. I want you to know that if you continue to stay mad at me I may fall sick for real. Please accept my sincere apology, my love. I love you so much!

3. I am terribly sorry that I let all of this anger and frustration out, and vented it upon you. It was a terrible thing to do and I sincerely apologize for everything. Please forgive me. I love you.

4. Whatever it takes to feel your embrace the way I did so many times before is what I will do if you’ll forgive me. I’m sorry, babe.

5. I know I hurt you with my words. I want you to know that I deeply regret what I said to you. I am sorry, honey. I love you.

6. There is one thing I want more right now and that is to make this right. It’s the smile I get to see on your face when you come home to me. Please forgive me. I love you and miss you.

7. Every moment with you gives me a glimpse of how heaven will feel like. I don’t want us to be far apart anymore. I am sorry for hurting you, please forgive me, love.

8. I lose myself whenever you get hurt because of me. I am sorry for hurting you this way, my love.

 I Am Sorry Messages For Your Husband

9. Being your partner is such a huge privilege for me. I feel the pressure. I promise I’m doing everything to make you feel like the most special person in the world, but sometimes I make mistakes that hurt you. I am really sorry for that.

10. I’m a mess without you hubby. Can we please kiss and make up hubby?

11. Please forgive my childish behavior. You are the best husband, and I regret the way the treated you.

12. When pride gets in the way, it can be hard to move, and I apologize for letting it take control of me, my dear husband.

13. My charming husband, you don’t deserve the treatment I gave you. I am genuinely sorry.

14. I’m not perfect, but I can certainly be a better wife than you’ve had lately. Please let me give it another try.

15. I take full responsibility for what has happened between us, and I vow to make everything up to you

16. I never want to stop being your wife. I promise to change the things I do to hurt you and think about your feelings.

17. I hope that this apology will be the remedy for your broken heart. I love you more every day, and I’m sorry for hurting you, sweet husband of mine.

18. When my hubby’s not happy, I’m not happy either. I’m sorry for hurting your feeling, my dearest husband.

Romantic I Am Sorry Messages For Your Husband

19. To the man I love so much, I love you more than anything else in this world, and because of this love, I want to say “sorry” and I hope you’ll forgive me. I’m too guilty about what happened.

20. I know what happened last night is not something quite good. But I want you to know, I am willing to fix what is broken. I’m sorry and I love you so much.

21. I know I let you down and I made you sad. Sorry to the best man in the world, I wish I could make it up to you. I love you. I will be careful with my words and action just as you are.

22. I am shy to talk to you because I hurt you so badly. But I have to get this over with before it worsens. I am sorry hubby.

23. My darling, you have every single right to be mad at me. I just want you to know that I am terribly sorry and I love you so much.

24. Please accept this big, heartfelt sorry wrapped in kisses and hugs and sealed with a few tears for the hurt I caused you, my sweet hubby.

25. I never for once envisaged in my wildest dreams that I will one day hurt you so bad like this. I’m deeply sorry my dear husband.

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