30 Unrequited Love Poems That Echo with Emotion


Embark on a poetic journey through unrequited love’s realm, 30 poignant poems unravel longing and loss overwhelmed. From renowned poets, Emily Dickinson to Maya Angelou, Experience the ache, the echoes of love unreturned, and hearts that bow. Discover solace in the transformative power of poetic artistry’s flow.

“Unrequited” by Anonymous


In silence, my heart yearns, A love unreturned, unspoken. Through tears, my soul learns, That some loves are left broken.

“Love Denied” by Emily Dickinson

Heart, why so heavy and sore? Love denied, forevermore. A flame that flickers, but never burns, Unrequited love, the pain returns.

“Unrequited Longing” by Pablo Neruda

I gaze at you with longing eyes, But you see me not, my love despised. Unrequited, my heart laments, A love unshared, an ache immense.

“One-Sided Love” by Lang Leav

I poured my heart into your hands, But you held it not, love’s demands. One-sided affection, a painful toll, Unrequited love, the heartache untold.

“Fleeting Hope” by Rumi

In love’s battlefield, I fight alone, Hoping for a glance, a love unknown. Yet, my hopes are dashed like waves on shore, Unrequited love, forevermore.

“The Unattainable” by Lord Byron

Like a distant star, you shine so bright, But forever out of reach, day and night. Unattainable love, a constant yearning, In my heart, the flame keeps burning.

“Silent Tears” by Sylvia Plath

Tears fall silently, unseen, For a love unrequited, a shattered dream. In solitude, my heart remains, Bound by love’s chains, enduring pains.

“Unrequited Dreams” by William Shakespeare

Thy beauty shines like the morning sun, But love’s requital, alas, is none. Dreams of love unfulfilled, I bear, In my heart, the weight of despair.

“Unrequited Passion” by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Passion unrequited, a flame untamed, In my heart, your name is framed. Though my love for you burns bright, You turn away, love’s cruel slight.

“Endless Yearning” by John Keats

Oh, how I yearn for your tender touch, But love’s response, I miss so much. Endless yearning, a love unmet, In my heart, the ache is set.

“Unspoken Love” by Christina Rossetti

Words unspoken, love concealed, In my heart, a love revealed. Silent longing, a love unseen, Unrequited, a love between.

“Unrequited Symphony” by E.E. Cummings

I played a symphony of love for you, But you danced away, my love, untrue. Unrequited notes, a melody unheard, In my heart, the pain is stirred.

“Invisible Love” by Percy Bysshe Shelley

My love for you, invisible and unseen, In your eyes, my existence keen. Unrequited love, a silent plea, In my heart, the agony.

“Unfulfilled Desires” by Edna St. Vincent Millay

Desires unfulfilled, love astray, In my heart, the ache will stay. Unrequited longings, hopes that fade, In your arms, my love betrayed.

“Unanswered Prayers” by Robert Frost

Prayers unanswered, love’s plea unheard, In my heart, the pain incurred. Unrequited devotion, a love denied, In your absence, my heart is tied.


“Unseen Love” by Maya Angelou: Love unseen,

A hidden flame that burns inside, In my heart, love does reside. Unseen by you, my love’s extent, Unrequited, my heart is spent.

“Undelivered Letters” by Anne Sexton

Letters unsent, words unspoken, In my heart, love’s promises broken. Undelivered words, a love denied, In silence, my heart cries.

“Unreciprocated” by W.H. Auden

Love unreciprocated, a one-sided flame, In my heart, a lingering pain. Unrequited affection, a bitter sting, In your absence, my heart takes wing.

“Love’s Disparity” by Walt Whitman: Love’s disparity, a vast divide, In my heart, emotions collide. Unrequited longing, a soul’s unrest, In your presence, my heart is blessed.

“Aching Heart” by Amy Lowell

An aching heart, filled with desire, In my dreams, your love transpires. Unrequited yearnings, a love untamed, In my soul, the fire remains unchanged.

“Unattainable Affection” by Edgar Allan Poe

Affection unattainable, a love obscure, In my heart, forever pure. Unrequited passion, a haunting plea, In your absence, my love is free.

“Longing and Loss” by Emily Brontë

Longing and loss, intertwined, In my heart, your love enshrined. Unrequited love, a solitary song, In the echoes, my heart does long.

“Unrequited Whispers” by Federico García Lorca

Whispers unheard, love’s voice suppressed, In my heart, a love confessed. Unrequited desires, a silent plea, In your presence, my soul is free.

“Unmet Expectations” by Sara Teasdale

Expectations unmet, love’s promise broken, In my heart, the words unspoken. Unrequited hopes, a fading light, In your absence, my heart takes flight.

“Love’s Absence” by Ralph Waldo Emerson

Love’s absence, a void profound, In my heart, your love not found. Unrequited affection, a silent cry, In my dreams, your love does lie.

“Unshared Emotions” by Robert Browning

Emotions unshared, love concealed, In my heart, a longing revealed. Unrequited feelings, a love unspoken, In your presence, my heart is broken.

“Unrequited Devotion” by Anne Bradstreet

Devotion unrequited, a love misplaced, In my heart, a love encased. Unanswered prayers, a soul’s lament, In your arms, my love is spent.

“Love’s Silent Sorrows” by Charles Baudelaire

Silent sorrows, love’s bitter taste, In my heart, emotions embraced. Unrequited love, a silent cry, In my dreams, your love does lie.

“Unanswered Longings” by Elizabeth Bishop

Longings unanswered, love’s plea denied, In my heart, emotions collide. Unrequited yearnings, a soul’s unrest, In your absence, my heart is blessed.

“Unfulfilled Love” by William Wordsworth

Love unfulfilled, a path untrod, In my heart, the ache is awed. Unrequited affection, a dream undone, In your presence, my love has won.


These poems capture the essence of unrequited love, expressing the pain, longing, and heartache experienced when love remains unreciprocated.


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