See 4 Unique Tips Best for Navigating Teenhood


Parenting can be difficult but not insurmountable. It is popularly said that “There is a solution to every problem.” And so there are answers to your very questions as to why your teenage son or daughter appears to be rebellious.

They want to prove that they have what it takes to be independent. Mind you, at this stage, if the parent interferes and tries to put them in the right direction, in quotes, then they become aggressive (repulsive).

They behave that way towards you not because they want to but because their hormones have enveloped their sense of reasoning. You should also know that Approach is very important.
In addition, parents need to remember that hormones and adolescence are part of maturing and growing up. You need to help them through this transitional phase with patience, wisdom, and grace. Below are 4 Unique Tips for Navigating Teenhood.



4 Unique Tips For Navigating Teenhood

Listen to them

To listen quietly to another person pour out their heart to you takes a lot of patience, if not listening skill. Let them feel safe around you as you pay attention to them. Every child has some disturbing secret to share. You don’t want them sharing their problems with the wrong person who might lead them astray. Hence, exercise a little patience with them and give them a listening ear.

Advice them

A piece of good advice doesn’t come easy, it is also not cheap. Some of the best advice ever can be traced to our parents. The moment you stop advising your kids, another person will and I trust that you wouldn’t want a rotten egg advising your kid.

Save yourself the pain of losing your child to youthful exorbitance by creating time in spite of your busy schedule and give them quality advice that would guide them through life.


Hangout with them

Like they rightly say, “Work without play makes Jack a dull boy.” As you listen and give parental advice to your children, find time to catch fun! One potential way to build a close and solid relationship between you and your kids is by having a fun time together. By so doing, you prove to them that you have them at heart.

Pray for them

After listening, advising, and hanging out, prayer is another powerful technique to navigating teenhood. Who can understand a man better than the One who created him hence, the essence of prayer… Seek God’s face for divine wisdom so you do a better parenting job on your kids.

A praying mother will have less burden to carry because they’d already given them to God on their knees.

Final Thoughts

Parenting is not easy, more so, there’s no perfect method to achieving it. However, there are methods that have been tried over time and still work. Some of them include Listening, Advising, Hanging out, and Prayer.

Teenhood is usually a tough phase for adolescents. They need all the help and support they can get to sail through.

Do you know of better tips for navigating teenhood? please share in the comment box below.


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