30+ Happy New Month Messages For Employer

The beginning of a new month is just around the corner. With a few days to another promising month, we have got an awesome, heart-warming, exciting, and captivating Happy new month texts, messages, and prayers for your Friends, Siblings, Dad/Mum, Lover, Customers, and even for your Bossy Boss (winks).

A difficult boss can be sometimes hard to please but, having him or her start their month with a heartfelt message from you elevates you to his or her good book. No matter how tough they can be, they will be pleased to know you support, care, and share in their success.


Happy New Month Message For Your Employer

Not sure on how to compose a befitting Text, SMS, or Message to your boss? Worry no more because we’ve got you covered. Below are heart-touching happy new month messages and prayers for your boss.

  1. The new month started well for me and I hope it started even better for you. A happy new month to you.
  2. Where there is a celebration, that is where you will be found. Your Joy will know no limit. A happy new month to you, boss.
  3. For every good you have done, this is your month of divine remembrance. Every day of this new month will be sweet like the honeycomb. Happy new month, ma’am.
  4. A happy new month to my boss and friend. You’re one of the people I thank God for daily. May every day of this first week and the whole month be awesome for you.
  5. Happy new month, ma. Will it be out of place if I call you the big sister I never had. I love the way you treat me. Thank you.
  6. Happy new month, boss. Expect a lot of blessings this month, more blessings than you can handle.
  7. If every human was like you, the world will be so amazing that we’ll say it’s out of this world. A happy new month to you, ma’am.
  8. Honestly, sir, there’s a lot I can’t do without you. I’m thankful for you and the benefits of working with you. Happy new month.
  9. Sir, if I say your kind is rare, I’ll be lying. There’s only one of your kind- YOU. This is to welcome you into a month of many favors for you. Happy new month.
  10. We are not scared to say this year is our year because we know that, with your leadership skills, we will get to where we desire this year. A happy new month to you, sir.
  11. One of the things I live for is to give you happiness at your place of work. I hope I’m doing that for you. I wish you a happy new month, sir.
  12. Whatever your hand finds to do this month will produce bountiful results. Your expectations shall not be cut off in this amazing month. Happy new month, ma.
  13. So many things to say about a great person like you, but while I collect my thoughts together, let me just wish you a happy new month. You’re the best, sir.
  14. Sometimes I wonder what you do to be as awesome as you are. I look at you and all I can say is “that’s how stars do!” A happy new month to you, sir.
  15. In this new month, I pray for you that you achieve your goals, strike that deal, and attain greater heights in Jesus’ name. Happy new month, ma.
  16. I’m glad that I can point at you and say “that’s my boss!” You’re making the whole organization proud. Happy new month, sir.
  17. Today, I remember all you do for me- your sponsorship, your messages of encouragement, your back pat’s and head taps, etc. I’m grateful. Happy new month, sir.
  18. Since you came on board, we’ve had a new experience, and I must say that your uniqueness is something I admire and want to experience more of. I look forward to another month of working with you. Happy new month.
  19. May the reasons to celebrate this month be more than that of last month. I pray that this is your best month so far, in Jesus’ name. Happy new month, sir.
  20. Your humility and love towards your staff are incomprehensible. You have shown me that even with great wealth, one can still be down to earth. Thank you for keeping me under your supervision. Happy new month, ma.
  21. This is not too early in the year for you to start achieving beautiful things. So may this month come with some major achievements for you. Happy new month, sir.
  22. Happy new month, ma. Thanks for taking me under your tutelage and helping me grow in this field. Thanks for creating an environment for me to thrive and thanks for adequately rewarding my efforts.
  23. It is said that good leaders genuinely care for their followers and you have some that it’s possible. Happy new month. I wish you well.
  24. I don’t know what you are to others around here, but to me, you’re a mother and a big sister. Your wings are a safe space for me. A happy new month to you ma’am.
  25. I’m happy about this month. In it, I see you smiling because of how it will make you feel. A happy new month to you, sir.
  26. Working for you has brought nothing but joy to me. There’s no day without learning something new with you, ma. You are a blessing to this organization. Happy new month, ma’am.
  27. You’re my employer, but you’re also a friend and a big brother to me. One gift I’m glad I preserved up to 2020 is you, sir. I enjoy working with you. Happy new month, ma.
  28. Sometimes, I feel like filling your windshield with stickers concerning quotes on good leadership just to celebrate you. Happy new month, ma. I love and enjoy how you lead us.
  29. Your leadership style is, in quotes, TERRIFIC! Keep being the best of bosses. If I say I love you, I’m sure I’ll be speaking for all staff here. Happy new month, sir.
  30. There are many employers out there but, I won’t be wrong to call you the “GREATEST OF ALL TIME.” You are exceptional and the best at what you do. A happy new month to you, amazing boss.
  31. Good morning and a happy new month to you, sir. I want you to be highly expectant this month because all your hard work will surely pay off. Happy new month.
  32. I cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoy your leadership style, your charisma, your commitment to work, your encouragement, and your disciplinary nature. I am proud to be your staff. A happy new month to you, sir.
  33. Yes, you’re my employer but you are more than that to me. You’re a brother, a friend, a teacher, a coach, and a mentor to me. Welcome to your month of doing exploits. Happy new month, sir. You’re the best.
  34. It is with you I discovered that challenges are food for champions. You are a champion. Continue to excel because you were born EXCELLENT. Happy new month, sir.
  35. There are many things I want to tell you, sir. One of them is that you’re a complete boss material. A happy new month to you, sir.
  36. When I think of greatness, I think of you. Same when I think of strength, skill, and hard work. Happy new month, big boss.
  37. I pray that you enjoy this month more than you planned to. I pray the month opens new doors of opportunities for you. Happy new month.
  38. I see my working for you as a reward for something I must have done in my previous life. It is a rare privilege and I am not taking it for granted. Happy new month, ma.
  39. You have an enviable personality, a heart of gold, and an aura of a king. Have a month filled with joy. Happy new month, sir. Best wishes to you.
  40. This for my boss, the Queen of hard work, the mistress of skill, the first lady of productivity. A happy new month to you, my beautiful boss.


Secure a good spot with your boss today by sending him or her one of the amazing happy new month messages already listed for your delight. Without any shred of doubt, I am convinced that the above happy new month messages will bring smiles to the face of your boss the moment he or she receives it from you.

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